Before You Get Started

Welcome to the Revitalize Fitness and FitWit Brain 12-week Boot Camp. Here's what's next:

Set up your first Personal Training Session:

  1. Call 419-214-9292 to schedule your first personal training. At that time you will determine your baseline and your certified personal trainer will help you set your plan. You'll also get gym access to all Revitalize Fitness locations for between session workouts.

Get Ready for your first Group Coaching Session:

Make sure to bring the following to each session:

  1. Your smart phone or tablet that has internet access
  2. Get a three-ring binder to keep all of your materials throughout the boot camp
  3. Notepaper
  4. Pen or pencil

Start your Introduction module for FitWit - Your Brain Game Plan:

  1. Every week for 9 weeks you will receive and email letting you know the next module is ready.
  2. Make sure to ask your coach if any questions come up as you learn the material and put it in use.
  3. Each module will be quickly reviewed during the coaching sessions- but they will not exactly align with each coaching session depending on which topics are discussed. Your coach will not be reviewing each video with you, but will be referencing what you've learned to help you reach your goals.

Most important of all, bring your enthusiasm and willingness to challenge yourself to each session. This is your time to reach your goals!

The Revitalize Fitness and FitWit Brain Team